Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Week 10 and the Big Reveal!

I promised my family that we could start spreading the baby news if week 10's ultrasound checked out okay. We went in for an ultrasound this morning and heard the heartbeat for the first time! That was so cool! Up until this point, we have only seen the heartbeat.  My husband also got to see the little baby moving around, so that was so neat!  The ultrasound tech said that this baby is quite a wiggle worm. He/she is going to be like his mama, I suppose. This visit was our first one with my new OBGYN  (up until this point we have been seeing our fertility doctor).

The doctor said that the baby looks good so far, as for the mama, he is sending me to another gastroenterologist because I am still having problems with my digestive tract and I am still having daily, excruciating pain.  I will go back in two weeks for genetic testing and blood work so we will check my hemoglobin and evaluate what the next steps will be to ensure that the baby is getting the proper nutrients (ie:iron, since I can't take iron)...So, here we are! Week 10!  In efforts to build my  photography business: Goodness Infinity Photography, I thought that breaking the news with a photo would be appropriate. So, here are some of the photos...



I actually see a baby this time!

The Dreaded Belly Chart 
(this blog wouldn't be as "real" as i claim it to be without a growth chart)
(my husband and I are making this into a flip book, so we can watch it grow)

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